The Heller family thanks Voces Novae for honoring Frank by creating the Frank A. Heller, III Memorial Fund. Frank had a vision when he founded Voces Novae of “A community uplifting the human spirit by performing the finest in choral literature. We are dedicated to awakening the highest musical artistry, providing a camaraderie that nurtures our members’ musical and personal development, and delivering a gift to our audience that evokes the spirit with which we embrace our music.” Our hope is that this fund will help achieve and sustain that vision for years to come.

Donations are tax deductible under Voces Novae 501(c)3 standing. The Memorial Funds will not be used for the ongoing day-to-day budgeting needs. Funds will be spent with the approval of the Board of Voces Novae and the Heller family.

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